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Purchasing of microoptics usually means high costs and many weeks of delivery time. We now provide some of our top-class refractive microlens arrays off the shelf.

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SUSS MicroOptics is a leading company for high-quality micro-optics.

SUSS MicroOptics comprises profound experience in optical design, micro-fabrication and metrology. Our micro-optical components meet highest demands as required for applications in photolithography, optical networking and metrology.

SUSS MicroOptics is offering high-quality microlens arrays in 200 mm wafer technology (Fused Silica and Silicon).

SUSS MicroOptics was founded in 1999 and is part of the Süss MicroTec Group, a major supplier of Manufacturing and Testing Equipment for Semiconductor Industry.

SUSS MicroOptics is committed to providing the highest quality components through leading edge manufacturing techniques. Combined with a unique blend of people skills, its innovative advances in technology make us a leader in its product offerings.

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