SUSS Technology Forum 2019 - Advanced Photomask Solutions Toward 14 nm and 10 nm

Advanced Photomask Solutions Toward 14 nm and 10 nm

You are cordially invited to the SUSS Photomask Workshop taking place at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel at 8:30-12:30 on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, the morning during the 1st day of SEMICON China.

World renowned experts from the mask industry including DNP, FujiFilm, Mitsui Chemical, NuFlare, Photronics, Zeiss and SUSS MicroTec will give their perspectives on challenges and solutions beyond 14 nm - 10 nm mask fabrication and maintenance inside wafer fabs. This workshop will also provide opportunities to network with peers within the photolithography and -mask community.




Moderator: Yuan Zhang, Director Photomask Equipment, SUSS MicroTec Inc.

08:30 am Opening Remark
Dr. Franz Richter, CEO
08:30 am Multi-Beam Mask Writer for Advanced Patterning
Naoya Hayashi, Research Fellow, DNP
09:00 am

Enabling Wafer Solutions Through Mask Collaboration
Angus Chin, Associate VP, Photronics

09:25 am NuFlare VSB Mask Writers for 14 nm and 10 nm Technology Node
Hideki Matsui, Group Manager, NuFlare
09:45 am Advanced Acoustic Streaming Technology for Mask Bake and Develop
Manfred Zimmermann, Product Manager, SUSS MicroTec
10:05 am Current Status and Prospect of EB Resist for 14 nm and 10 nm Mask Application
Koji Shirakawa, R&D Manager, FujiFilm
10:25 am

Advanced Mask Cleaning Reducing Pattern and Surface Damage
Uwe Dietze, Senior Director, SUSS MicroTec

10:45 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Mask Pellicle Development for 14 nm and 10 nm
Daiki Taneichi, Senior Researcher, Mitsui Chemical
11:20 am Local Pellicle Glue Removal Eliminating Need for Aggressive Final Clean
Dr. Davide Dattilo, Process Scientist, SUSS MicroTec
11:40 am E-beam and Defects – a Superlative Nano Playground
Dr. Markus Waiblinger, Senior Product Manager, Carl Zeiss
12:00 pm Mask Pattern Defect Inspection Tool Technology
Yoshitaka Yasui, Group Manager, NuFlare
12:20 pm Closing Statement
Yuta Nagai, General Manager, SUSS MicroTec
12:30 pm End of Forum

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Mar. 20 - Mar. 20, 2019
Shanghai, China