Fiber coupling



Our linear microlens arrays and singletons are the perfect single and multimode connectors for optical networks including TOSA/ROSA, WSS, MUX, DEMUX and ROADM.

Beam homogenizers and beam shapers



Our micro-optical elements offer near-perfect decoupling of output illumination from the properties of the incoming beam. Generate 2-dimensional rectangular or square areas of uniform illumination, as well as lines and spot patterns with our refractive microlenses, or create the shape of your choice with uniform illumination using a diffractive optical element.





Our micro-optics provide customized illumination and pupil shaping for high resolution mask aligners.

Laser beam SHAPING


Our microlens arrays are used to focus laser beams in various applications including in excimer lasers and in LIDAR (“time-of-flight”) applications.



Shack HartmanN arrays

Our refractive microlens arrays with small lens apertures and relatively long focal lengths give high spatial resolution spot patterns which act as wave front sensors in metrology and astronomy applications.

Slow axis collimation (SAC)


Our monolithic arrays of cylindrical microlenses collimate the slow axis of high power laser diode bars.

Confocal microscopy



Our Nipkow and pinhole discs are used in tandem to support the optics for high speed imaging in confocal microscopes.




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