UV Light Source Homogenization

Most UV applications such as curing, gluing and illumination require a uniform light distribution in order to achieve the best possible results. With SUSS MicroOptics UV homogenization components, you will have an easy solution even for very demanding applications.

Key features

  • Perfect uniformity in working plane (flat-top profile)
  • Flat-top shapes: Square, rectangular, circular, line
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • UV grade Fused Silica: Very high power
  • Suitable for all light sources (mercury arc lamps, Excimer Laser, UV LED, ...)
  • Antireflection coatings for UV broad band or specific wavelengths available
  • A Large Selection of Modules Available

Typical Applications

  • UV curing of glue, varnish, resist etc.
  • Banknotes verification, forensic investigation
  • Sun Simulators
  • Display Assembly
  • Fluorescence light for medical, chemical or biological applications

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